Bringing drilling rigs 3000 EUK-1M in accordance with the rules of PB 08-624-03


About the service

LLC "Ruskomsever" performs work on the modernization of drilling rigs of Russian and foreign production, in order to bring them into line with the rules of PB 08-624-03, improve working conditions and parameters of drilling rigs. All projects undergo an industrial safety review with approval and approval by the territorial departments of Rostekhnadzor.

Bringing drilling rigs in line with the rules in the oil and gas industry (PB 08-624-03) consists of:

-Installation of a evacuator mounted worker;
-Installation of a supply and exhaust ventilation system for enclosed spaces;
-Installation of the rotor table at the drilling floor level;
- Reconstruction of the auxiliary winch into an explosion-proof version with a hydraulic pusher, with smooth movement of the load and a backup control panel;
-Installation of a blocking device to turn off the mud pump drive when the pressure in the discharge pipeline is exceeded;
-Installation of winch and rotor drive interlocks;
-Bringing the lighting of the drilling rig in accordance with the requirements of the rules;

Improving the working conditions of the drilling crew:

-Production of a set of insulated shelters (drawworks, capacitive and pumping units) with windows to increase the illumination of the premises;
-Manufacturing of the driller's cabin;
-Production of an insulated room for a riding worker;
-Installation of screw supports in the leveling mechanism, which allows to reduce the leveling time and facilitate the work of the maintenance personnel;
-Manufacture of the mechanism for installing the leading pipe in the pit;

Improving the parameters of the drilling rig:

-Replacement of an unregulated AC drive with an adjustable DC drive (possibility of smooth acceleration, regulation of technological parameters, reduction of complications during well drilling);
-Replacement of drilling pumps UNB-600 with UNBT-950;
-Manufacture of high-pressure pipeline, made on quick couplings;
-Possibility of using TDS (possibility of drilling directional and horizontal wells).
Our developments are confirmed by patents and certified according to the quality system GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000).
We carry out work on the design, manufacture (with the receipt of all permits) and installation supervision of equipment. We also provide 30-day drilling support after installation supervision.
We design and manufacture custom metal structures for drilling rigs.

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