Overhaul and maintenance of blowout preventer equipment



About the service

RKS LLC performs overhaul and current repairs of blowout preventer equipment.

In the process of oil and gas production, it is very important to use equipment that meets safety standards and prevents accidents at industrial facilities.

Specifications of BOP Equipment:

Blowout prevention equipment in oil and gas production helps to seal pipes, transport the resources themselves, and also block the entrance to the well during the repair. Blowout preventers, manifolds, gate valves, flanged and adapter coils, separators and flanges are the main elements of BOP equipment.

Preventers are used to hermetically close the wellhead so that oil does not leak. According to the purpose of application, preventers are divided into the following types:

ram preventers - help isolate different sections of the pipe during an emergency;

universal preventers - block the hole in the well if a drilling pipe is working in it;

rotary preventers - are used to seal the wellhead in which the leading pipe is located.

Universal split flanges are used to prevent accidents on the oil and gas pipeline during the replacement of X-mas trees.

Manifolds are pipeline systems connected by shut-off or other oil and gas fittings. Together with the manifolds, a shut-off and control device is used, which connects drilling pumps to them and allows them to be turned on alternately during operation. Manifold and pumps are interconnected by flanges and quick couplings.

Separators are designed for phase separation of gas-liquids in a mixture in the event of an emergency.

Our experts will perform all the necessary work on the overhaul of air defense (surfacing, mechanics, tempering, pressure testing, assembly, leak testing, functionality testing).

Repair of blowout preventer equipment is carried out in 3 stages:

Dismantling, washing, troubleshooting of blowout preventer equipment.
Coordination with the customer of all necessary work, estimated estimates for the work.
Blowout prevention equipment repair, assembly, pressure testing, warranty.
For all work performed by us on the overhaul of air defense, an act of work performed is drawn up, a guarantee is provided.

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